Bhajan Sandhya – yet another initiative by Niramay

यदीच्छसि परं ज्ञानं ज्ञानाच्च परमं पदम्।
तदा यत्नेन महता कुरु श्रीहरिकीर्तनम्।।
अर्थ : यदि परम ज्ञान अर्थात आत्मज्ञानकी इच्छा है और आत्मज्ञानसे परम पद पानेकी इच्छा है तो खूब यत्नपूर्वक श्रीहरिके नामका कीर्तन करो ।
To truly experience the bliss and closeness to God what could be better than an hour spent on singing  bhajans conveying our love to God. With this purpose on mind on auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa Niramay has taken a wonderful initiative by arranging Bhajan Sandhya. There were 36 participants for the Bhajan Sandhya and the evening started with  ‘Satguru Vandana ‘ followed by various soulful bhajans sung by the participants.
The Bhajan Sandhya will be held every first and third Sunday of the month between 8 pm to 9 pm at Gore Kaka Bhavan, University Road, Parbhani.Yoga practitioners and yoga teachers of Niramay are expected to be part of this.

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